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Floor Heating -
Product Features & Specifications


Intelligent Mode

Forecast System

  • It will find out for itself at what time to turn on the heat to have the right temperature at the right time

  • Simply set the time and the temperature you require, and EFIT will ensure that you reach that temperature at that exact time. It will not waste energy by heating too early, and you will not experience bad comfort when the heat is too late.


Adaptive Regulator

  • Automatically computes room gradients (how fast cooling and heating of the room proceeds) and exactly predicts the necessary heating time.

  • The adaptive regulator continuously improves itself.


Energy Saving Comfort Improving System

  • When the outdoor temperature drops the floor surface temperature is increased, however Danfoss’ ESCI system will simultaneously lower the air temperature to save energy while maintaining the same comfort level.



Temperature range:     5º to 35ºC or OFF

Floor temperature range:     20º to 50ºC

Voltage:     180-250 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Load:     16 A / 3100W

IP Class:     IP 30

Approval:     IEC60730


​Error Detection

The thermostat has overheated and has switched off.


The floor sensor is disconnected.


The floor sensor short circuited.

Heating Cable

Components in Cables

  • Two thin wires for heat generation

  • One thick wire for temperature monitoring

  • An inner coating to insulate EMF

  • An outer coating provides IP7 water resistance


​Technical Specifications

Cable construction:     Twin Conductor

Rated voltage:     230V

Watts per meter:     8, 10, 18 W/m

Diameter:     ⌀ 7.0 mm

Conductor insulation:     PEX

Sheath:     PVC 90°

Rated temperature:     65°C

Approval:     IEC 60800/Demko/CE

Pulling strength:     200 N

Deformation strength:     2000 N

UV stabilized:     Yes

Self extinguishing:     Yes

Warranty:     10 years

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