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Consulting Services

As one of the few local companies specializing in thermal solution products and consulting services, Hanser brings over 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of client needs. Our localized approach, combined with our extensive product knowledge, enables us to offer high-value balanced solutions that effectively address thermal challenges in Hong Kong. By taking into account local conditions and constraints, we ensure that our recommendations are not only technically sound but also practical and efficient. Partner with Hanser for reliable expertise and tailored solutions that optimize performance and ensure the longevity of your systems.

Example of Consulting Service

Cathway Pacific outside.jpg

Cathway Pacific Catering Service - One of the Largest Flight Kitchens in the World

Our client strive for uncompromising quality, excellence and innovation to support their customer in elevating the consumer experience. In year 2017, sometimes they found water droplets on the covering of their meals.

Root Cause:

Due to temperature differnce, water droplets condensed on the stainless steel panels inside client's food vertical transport elevators. Water then drops onto the meal covering.


The problem is solved after we provided custom rating surface heater for the stainless steel panels.

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