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Mirror Defogster -Installation, Warranty & Maintenance Services

Defogster cross section.jpg


Mirror should be max. 6mm thick. Clean and grease free. Remove the white protective paper on and paste it to the mirror black. Start by pasting one edge while bending it to avoid bubble trapping. Then, press it firmly.

Electrical Installation:

Defogster should be connected in parallel to the bathroom lighting. The built-in power cable is normally long enough for power connection located outside the mirror area to ensure the connector is accessible.


  • Defogster cannot be cut or folded or used in wet location.

  • Do not apply too much tension on Defogster' s cable.

  • Do not re-stick Defogster.

  • There should be a distance of minimum 150mm between the mirror edge and Defogster.

  • Best installed Defogster upright to serve different heights of users.

  • For your own safety, electrical installation should always and only be carried out by qualified electrician.

Warrent & Mainenance Services

Defogster is designed to be maintenance free. Heating elements are electrically parallel for extra-long life of 7 years.

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